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 Important Effects of ORMUS Materials

The high-spin powder form of the platinum-group elements is known collectively as Ormus or M-state. Ormus Materials have unique actions in the human body.
M-state gold synchronises both hemispheres of the brain - an effect that can be seen on an EEG. It also stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands, the latter action probably accounting for increases in "spirituality".
M-state rhodium & iridium are believed to have a role in the refreshment of damaged DNA. As quantum physicists agree, a superconductor can resonate simultaneously in more than one dimension. It is hypothesised by Ormus researchers that these M-state elements can read a person's DNA signature "as it should be" from outside our third dimension.
When they encounter a cell whose nucleus contains "damaged" DNA (eg in cancer, MS, ageing etc) they detect the difference from the original and disable the chromosomes. Normal body processes deliver a replacement set of "normal" DNA to the cell which is now able to function correctly.

 Tonic of Pendragon

Extracted from a mix of Atlantic & Celtic Sea Salts, this Elixir is gentle and steady in its effect. It has the C11 mix of all the M-state elements. We recommend it as a general tonic and as the starting treatment for health improvement.

 Tonic of St Clair    * new *

A product of Sea Water from the North Sea of Europe, this Elixir contains all the minerals of the Sea which is a tonic in itself. Its Ormus is very balancing and will treat moderate health conditions on its own.

 Tonic of Athene

This Elixir is made using salt from the Dead Sea which typically has a higher concentration of M-state gold. This means that its effect on the spirit and consciousness may be more marked.

 Tonic of Methuselah

Produced from rich, fine powder millions of years old, originating at the bottom of a Salt Lake in Utah, USA - this Elixir has unusual properties that are important in the treatment of health conditions. It also contains some M-state copper which has anti-ageing effects, particularly regarding hair-colour.

 Tonic of Hippocrates

Produced by the sodium burn process using black volcanic sand from the Western Isles of Scotland, this Elixir has the M3 mix of M-state elements, is particularly high in M-state rhodium and is a strong healing product.

 Tonic of St Germain    * new *

Also created from black volcanic sand, this exciting new Elixir is made using a unique "double-pass" alchemy procedure that enhances the M-state extraction and may also involve elemental transmutation. This process results in an M3 Ormus high in M-state rhodium but with a significant amount of M-state Gold. Early tests suggest it is a particularly powerful healer.
NB: All Elixirs should be shaken well before taking. Store the bottle in a dark and cool place, preferably in aluminium foil.

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