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FAQ's & Links.

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 FAQ's & Links

Here is our own ORMUS FAQ which gives further details of interest.
Here is another FAQ about Ancient Knowledge which explains some History.
David Hudson was responsible for rediscovering the secret of White Powder Gold. Here is a FAQ about him.
White Powder Gold is a Superconductor. Here is a FAQ about that.
Laurence Gardner is the eminent British historian whose studies of Ancient Peoples highlight their use of White Powder Gold. His own website is and his book Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark tells this story.
Dr Roger Taylor is a retired British immunologist who has been studying Ormus and its effects in plants. His recent article in Nexus (click
here to read) gives a very accurate and balanced scientific report on the subject which has been impressing many hitherto sceptical academics and encouraging them to treat Ormus seriously...!
Barry Carter from Oregon, USA has decided to spend his life dedicated to the study of Ormus materials and their effects. He tours the world giving lectures and demonstration on this subject and has collated all research and reports on his website at
Chris Emmons is a pharmacist from Florida, USA who has compiled a book about Ormus detailing the procedures for collecting it from natural materials. Her website is and the publication is available from Amazon.
More Links & FAQ's soon...!

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