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We use ancient techniques of Alchemy to produce powerful tonics extracted from sea-water, salts and sands for enhancement of health and spirituality. These contain natural substances whose importance seems to have been completely understood many thousands of years ago - but which the world of today, has apparently long-since forgotten!

 White Powder Gold

Gold and its related platinum-group elements including rhodium and iridium are now known to occur naturally in a high-spin, non-metallic state as a white powder. It is hypothesised that these materials may be Room-temperature Superconductors able to carry the energy of the life-force in all living things.

Strangely, the elements in this superconducting form are totally unreactive and absence of free valence electrons makes them invisible to the usual laboratory analysis techniques. Although their presence in nature can now be proved, most modern scientists still have no idea that they exist!

 Forgotten Since Antiquity

Ancient peoples like the Egyptians knew the importance of taking white powder gold which they called Mfkzt and their Priests prepared this as a conical breadcake to present to Pharaoh. The Israelites called it Manna from Heaven and it was the "daily bread" that they added to their diet to maintain their health and spirituality.

 Needed Today

Poor ecology and erosion have reduced the natural availability of this exotic material in our food-chain, while the stresses of modern life mean that we are increasingly susceptible to disease and may actually need this essential substance more than ever.

If you are concerned about your health or if you wish to heighten your spiritual awareness, please read our Health Elixirs page to consider how our Products could help you find the path you seek.

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